At SUN, we encourage the development of sustainable European level initiatives for start-ups and scale-ups. Our main objective is to increase the commercialisation of space enabled solutions and growth of European start-ups and scale-ups in the space downstream and upstream sectors.

Sun will provide various pre-incubation, pré, and post-acceleration support initiatives, giving solutions to accelerate growth and technology commercialization. With help of a broad network of experienced mentors, we’ll connect investors and potential clients to the industry.

For the duration of two years, SUN will promote six hackathons, twelve roadshows events, and workshops that will take place in six European countries such as Austria, Ireland, Lithuania, France, Poland, and Romania, and fifteen local and international start-up events to engage SMEs in space innovation and support the development of space applications.

In addition, SUN will implement three types of mentoring programs directed to entrepreneurs, and start-ups that will help access to funding, develop their ideas, and build relationships with relevant stakeholders in the space industry.

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