SUN invites you to the space hackathon taking place on the 6th-8th of April hosted by the Startup Division and CIVITTA. Explore the space sector by tackling some of the space problems and finding solutions to the existing challenges: 

Challenge #1: Future space debris minimization alternatives: new design for orbital technologies

Space debris represents all the dead artificial objects present in space. Throughout this case study, we will mainly target the debris found within the Earth’s orbits, given the fact that it has the greatest potential to cause damage to humanity. 

The challenge is to develop and present a possible method of already existing space debris mitigation and/or an alternative to reducing the rate of their generation.

Presented by: 2Space 

Challenge #2: Identification of agricultural over-fertilization using satellite data

Soil fertility is a crucial element in ensuring crop yield and quality. When fertilization is not optimized in terms of timing and quantity an agricultural over-fertilization can become a major factor limiting crop productivity. The use of satellite data can help farmers to identify practices of more sustainable agriculture, minimizing the risks of losing the harvest.

The challenge is to identify the agricultural over-fertilization by using the supplied satellite data.

Presented by: Geomatrix 

How can you participate?

  1. Choose a challenge that you feel most enthusiastic about and join a team;
  2. Participate in our pre-event and the Hackathon. Use our tools and our mentors to build your ‘space’ breaking idea!
  3. Pitch your results in front of the jury and keep your fingers crossed to be one of the winning teams.


The space hackathon “Infrastructure & Smart Cities” happens from 19 to 21 November.

Hosted by POLSA – Polish Space Agency, the event aims to enrol students, programmers, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

The challenge is to develop a concept of a spoofing and jamming resistant telemetry system used by drones. The architecture of this system will guarantee the reliability of drones monitoring road traffic in Polish cities.

Hackathon goals:

– Presenting the impact of the space sector on the everyday life of residents to a wider audience
– Introducing the audience to the social and economic potential of the space industry
– Encourage entrepreneurs and SMEs from various industries to use satellite data.
– Presentation of the possible impact of the space sector on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.



From September to October 2021, collaborate with 50 AI enthusiasts to:

Use ESA Earth Observation data & show humanity’s impact on planet earth.

Important dates:

  • 3rd of August – Info session
  • 1st of September – Challenge Kick-off
  • 29th of September – Midterm presentations
  • 29th of October – Final presentations

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