The space hackathon “Infrastructure & Smart Cities” happens from 19 to 21 November.

Hosted by POLSA – Polish Space Agency, the event aims to enrol students, programmers, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

The challenge is to develop a concept of a spoofing and jamming resistant telemetry system used by drones. The architecture of this system will guarantee the reliability of drones monitoring road traffic in Polish cities.

Hackathon goals:

– Presenting the impact of the space sector on the everyday life of residents to a wider audience
– Introducing the audience to the social and economic potential of the space industry
– Encourage entrepreneurs and SMEs from various industries to use satellite data.
– Presentation of the possible impact of the space sector on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.



From September to October 2021, collaborate with 50 AI enthusiasts to:

Use ESA Earth Observation data & show humanity’s impact on planet earth.

Important dates:

  • 3rd of August – Info session
  • 1st of September – Challenge Kick-off
  • 29th of September – Midterm presentations
  • 29th of October – Final presentations

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