At last, we meet in person

After almost two years of working on the SUN’s programme, our team meet in person for the first time in PODIM, one of the most influential startups and tech events in the CEE region. With a session powered by us, and our consortium partner, Science Park Graz, about Space Economy, we flew to Slovenia to take part in this event, meet with startups, and gather a room full of participants eager to learn more about how to excel in the space sector.

The session started with our partners Simone Carli, from Science Park Graz / ESA Space Solutions Austria, and Inga Baltaševičiūtė, CIVITTA/Startup Division, talking about launching a business with space, followed by the CEO of Pico stats Anna Gregorio, giving valuable insights on the journey to becoming a founder of a Space company.

Anilkumar Dave, a partner in the company Infinite Area, gave an insightful talk on how space is not the last frontier but a new opportunity, explaining how people and companies can grasp the most of this industry. This comprehensive topic was part of a broadened discussion, and, the previous speakers, were joined by Martin Mössler, Science Park Graz and ESA BIC Austria, Dejan Gačnik, Skylabs CTO, and our very Simon Chambers, Axsysnav, Managing Director, and Susanne Katzler-Fuchs, Brimatech/ESA Technology Broker Austria, CEO, that share their opinions, experiences and thoughts with the participants.

With time divided between sessions, networking and sharing our programme opportunities with participants of the event, we join for our first consortium meeting in person where we had the chance to revisit the work done so far, share ideas and trace the path for the upcoming months.