Meet the partners – Axsysnav

Simon Chambers, the Managing Director of Axsysnav (Toulouse, FR) took a timeout to answer a few of the questions the startups may be asking about the Space Hubs Network.

1. How many years of experience do you have in the space sector?

After studying Information Systems Engineering in the UK, I’ve worked in the space business for over 25 years, holding technical, commercial and managerial positions in the UK, France and Germany. Foreseeing the growth in space applications, I started my company in Toulouse 14 years ago.

2. What is your area of expertise in the startup/space scenario?

Having created a company, you quickly get a real insight into what will fly and what will not… So I use this experience to help emerging companies get traction, first sales and funding. My technical background in GNSS, infrastructure and space data is also of interest to European space companies.

3. Which is the best help that SUN can provide to startups?

The strength of the SUN comes from the wide range of skills offered by the consortium members, whether the organisations are space agencies, ESA BIC, comms experts, consulting or space companies. Even though we only started a few months ago, this rich Space Hubs Network, with its mentors, of course, has been able to provide support to space startups: a guiding light as they navigate the various space incubators and accelerators around Europe.

4. What startups can expect from the programme?

The pool of mentors we have gathered has great experience, so the companies can expect to receive practical, actionable guidance that will save them time, and, therefore, money as they prepare to launch their services.

5. Describe, in your perspective, what the SUN project is in one word.