Meet the founders – Keiro Lda

1- Can you briefly explain what your solution is all about? What’s unique about it?

Our solution presents you with simple recommendations of which wines are worth buying this vintage and which you should skip. What’s unique is, to manage this it uses fancy AI to crunch weather and wine price data to figure all of this out.

2- What’s the story behind your company? How was the idea for this business born?

The genesis of Keiro came from the book ‘thinking fast and slow’. In it, there’s a section discussing how in the 1990s wine lover Prof. Orley Ashenfelter developed a simple formula to determine which Bordeaux vintages to buy. Despite his approach being more accurate than the choices of wine critics, his work was largely ignored. This story inspired Tom. Things have moved on since the 1990s. We now have access to weather and price data, and AI that can do the hard work. And so our journey began…

3-Which is the challenge that your solution tackles, and how do you set apart from the other companies with similar solutions?

The challenge we tackle is choosing the best wine to buy. What sets us apart is our solution is driven by objective weather and wine price data, while other solutions typically use subjective approaches – such as asking people to give their opinions on wines.

4- What are your goals, and what’s the biggest challenge you are trying to overcome at this moment?

We are still in the very early stages, so our goals are also our biggest challenges: finding the right customer group and developing the initial working version of the service. Longer term we want to build a sustainable business.

5- What advice would you give to an entrepreneur trying to pave his/her way in the space sector landscape?

The first thing is to start rather than worrying about finding the perfect place, time, partner or whatever. The second thing is to keep going. Lastly, be flexible as where you originally think you’re going isn’t where you’ll end up.

6- About SUN, why did you apply?

We applied because we were interested in the 1:1 mentoring – which was excellent and has helped us develop what we’re doing.


Tom Furniss