Meet the founders – Plus Ultra Space

1- Can you briefly explain what your solution is all about? What’s unique about it?
We are building a lunar satellite constellation for communications and navigation. Our constellation, Harmony, provides high data rates and GPS-like navigation, on demand, anywhere on the Moon.

2- What’s the story behind your company? How was the idea for this business born?
Plus Ultra was born to catalyze the development of the space economy. The company is based on the work of our CEO during his internship at NASA, where he studied in depth the requirements for a successful and sustainable cislunar economy. Infrastructure will be the key to the success of all lunar businesses, and Plus Ultra wants to provide just that. Communications and navigation are just the first step, the first piece of the lunar infrastructure that could be built commercially.

3-Which is the challenge that your solution tackles, and how do you set apart from the other companies with similar solutions?
Our Harmony solution tackles the challenge of providing affordable, global, and continuous communications and navigation services on the Moon. Our architecture provides the best quality of service in the market (availability, data rates, navigation accuracy, pricing) for the highest affordability.

4- What are your goals, and what’s the biggest challenge you are trying to overcome at this moment?
Our goal is to become the backbone of the space economy by deploying business-enabling infrastructure. Our biggest challenge to date is funding: we have the ideal solution, and we are receiving good feedback from the market, we just need to close our Seed funding round to reach the Moon.

5- What advice would you give to an entrepreneur trying to pave his/her way in the space sector landscape?
In space, network is key. It is a tiny industry, and everyone knows each other. If typically there are 6 degrees of separation between any 2 people, in the space industry that rule goes down to 3 or 2 degrees of separation. Who you know will make the difference between you going in the right direction or not, thanks to your network’s advice and expertise. Build your network.

6- About SUN, why did you apply?
We wanted to benefit from the mentoring and networking opportunities provided by a top European accelerator.