Space-oriented learning experience for individuals.
Develops and scales technology using lightweight and compact energy solutions.
An app offers a new vision to traditional journey and extends the existing tourist offer.
Innovative solutions for a safer and more resilient planet.

Research-intensive SME, smart farming domain, focus on IT infrastructure.

Solving thermal management challenges in the most efficient manner.

Innovative space launch service for small & nano satellites.

Enabling long-term safety and sustainability of space operations.

Portable battery powered tool designed for mixing and caulking the aviation sealants semi-kits.
Provides commercial satellites with green and flexible mobility.
Space Technology accessible to all with a secure global collaboration platform.
Predicting wine quality for drinkers, using EO data.
Ultra-high resolution Earth Observation imagery at 10 cm per pixel with in-house built satellites.
Moliri Constellation
Scoring quality of places.
Geo-intelligence platform to help on where to develop green industries.
Fast data communications system.
In situ cloud monitoring to complement observations from satellites.
Fast data communications system.
Underwater-Air Multidrones.
Atomically thin semiconducting materials.
Permanent Mars Simulation.
Developing an AI based Test equipment-Pinta.
Manufacturing lighter than aircrafts for multiple purpose applications.
Developing an AI based Test equipment-Pinta.
Nanosatellite to use LEO internet constellation.
Open source map-based restoration platform
Digital place where space applications meet their users.
Cubsat for active fire mapping in the Chornobyl zone.
AM Energy Projects
Compute every day the world wide nature capita.
Barcelona's Cup
Provides daily water and air quality measurements for public authorities.
Mechanical Studies.
Cloud-based SaaS digital research collaboration platform
Gravitational waves generators.
Small constellation of satellites to catalogue small debris directly in space.
Use and extraction of space resources and forming habitable areas in the Solar system.
Safe autonomous last-mile delivery


Use energy efficiently with AI.
Track air pollution, pollen and UV.
Real-time emergency management platform.
One stop shop for Earth Observation data trading and processing.
Provides in-orbit transportation, customer payloads operation.
Gas sensors on microchips in the most scaleable way possible.
High level of InSAR automation.

Develops the first system that will allow satellites to establish that close to the Earth.
Delivering actionable intelligence for any vessel.
Developing space solutions for the future small satellite market.
Maintenance services for In-Space economy.
Environmental mapping with EO.
R&D Centre focused on high impact technologies.
R&D in nanotechnology for advanced space materials.
Open source map-based restoration platform
Efficient Secure Edge AI for Robotics.
Green, safe, traceable logistics enabled by satellite data
AI/Web-based software that processes information.
Precise GPS positioning for robots, drones and IoT devices.
Design & development engineering expertise for aerospace.
Renewable energy company.
Enhance quality & access to ESG data across global value chains.
Electrical/electronic embedded architecture for cars & aircrafts.
Helps farms manage irrigation and monitor farms remotely.
Affordable access to science in space.
Planning tool based on a map to accelerate green projects using geo-intel.
Create products from concept through prototype to mass production.
Space-qualified picosecond precision timer.
Increase the toughness of epoxy resins.


Develop highly accurate Battery Management Analytics.
Visualise & predict air quality exposure of property & transport routing.
Satellite communication in space and on Earth.
Leading the evolution of operations in space.
Lightweight components made by endless filament winding process & equipment.
Hoovering cybernetic systems with endurance, size and payload capacity exists worldwide.
VR Gloves.
Aerospace technology and AI for energy transition.
Deployment and management of off-Earth infrastructure.
Designs and creates modern technology to prevent environmental disasters.
An app for sharing vehicles that leverages AI for improving user awareness.
IoT-based portable Haptic XR multipurpose robot.