The partners final interviews: Polish Space Agency

1. Tell us more about the very beginning of SUN: setting up the team, the excitement, and your very first impressions.

I personally joined the SUN project in the middle of 2021 so I missed the initial stage of implementing this new project. However, I was very glad to take part in it after all, because every initiative aiming to support the growth of space startups is for the benefit of the whole space sector both on regional and international levels.  

2. These almost three years have brought a lot of challenges, and the project has turned out more virtual than planned. What were the challenges behind it?

Polish Space Agency as a Minor Partner had two main tasks to complete: the organization of a hackathon and a roadshow. Due to the project timeline, the hackathon was planned to be organized in the fall of 2021. The upcoming second wave of the pandemic in Poland was a bit of a challenge for POLSA but we have ultimately managed to complete the first task and promote SUN throughout the Polish space sector. Online tools and platforms were a major help during the whole project duration. 

3. SUN is all about helping startups scale in space – what that means to you? 

It means the increase of space entrepreneurship and enhances the variety of space actors in Europe. SUN project has certainly helped to develop the potential of regional start-ups and other space stakeholders.

4. How do you think SUN impacted the startups?

It has been definitely a positive impact. All start-ups gained a wide knowledge of technical, organizational and financial aspects that should be taken into consideration when creating a space company. Project participants will be able to use the experience and tips given by  SUN experts in the future. In addition, becoming a part of the international space network has been certainly an important advantage of participation in the SUN project from a start-up perspective. 


5. The project is now ending! How do you feel about these three years, and what’s still coming in the future?

It has been an honour to be a part of the SUN consortium with such a wide range of partners implementing this project as 7 different entities have collaborated closely to fulfil the project’s objectives. I am also happy that POLSA could host the last consortium meeting locally in Warsaw- it was a nice change to be able to meet all consortium partners in person! I am certainly looking forward to implementing more initiatives similar to SUN.