Meet the founders – Deltaworks Space

Deltaworks Space is a space launch startup developing sustainable, reusable small lift launch vehicles, read their interview to know more.

Meet the founders – Celestial Space

Celestial Space is one of our pre-acceleration companies, and we sat down with the founders to know more about their solution.

Meet the founders – Magos

We talked with our startup Magos to know more about their goals and solution.

Meet the founders – SDX Space

The team of SDX Space talked with us to tell us more about their innovative solution.

Meet the founders – SurPlusMap

SurplusMap founder sat down with us to talk about the future and the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the space sector.

Meet the founders – Volvero

We talked with the team of Volvero to know more about his solution and plans for the future.

Meet the founders – Nectaware SRL

We talked with Michele Carrelli Palombi, co-founder of Nectaware to know more about their solution. Take a look!

SUN opens its third open call to scale start-ups in the space sector

Apply to our third open call from the 19th of January 2022 to 14th of April 2022.

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